Settled in 1630, Cambridge is home to two internationally prominent universities, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The population of Cambridge is 105,162 as of 2010, with a land area of approximately 6.4 square miles. Conveniently located right on the Charles River across from the Boston skyline, this eclectic city boasts waves of… [Continue Reading]



Somerville is home to about 70,000 people, and shares most of its border with neighboring Cambridge. Established in 1842, it was originally known as “Charlestown Beyond the Neck” due to its placement further inland from the peninsula known as Charlestown. What began as primarily an industrial setting filled with rail systems and warehouses, Somerville quickly… [Continue Reading]



Arlington is a town of approximately 40,000 people (Est. in 2010), located North West of Boston. Although it borders Cambridge and Somerville, Arlington maintains its “small town” feel and atmosphere. It is a town rich in history, as Paul Revere’s famous “Midnight Ride” took him through Arlington to alert colonists of an ensuing attack. Arlington… [Continue Reading]