For 31 years we have been selling residential real estate to either people who want to move in and owner occupy their property, or small investors who buy 1-3 family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings from 6-40 units in, and around Cambridge, Ma and the contiguous communities. Many buyers have different needs or abilities to purchase investment real estate and others also are looking for kind of a “turn key” investment, that is, without having to do much interaction or maintenance. For those kinds of buyers, condominiums around Harvard Square make perfect sense in that the rents are high, and the properties are professionally managed so the buyer doesn’t have to have too much if any involvement with the tenants. With Cambridge’s top universities in the country, as well as being just across the Charles River from Boston with another approximately 60 colleges, the vacancy rates are always extremely low. With rents carrying the monthly payments, the depreciation that each property throws off can be used to shelter other income.

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